CKD Resources

This page gives you access to various sources for guidance on CKD, targeted at both clinicians and patients.

You may wish to use some of the information available here to share with your patients at the point of diagnosis of CKD to help them understand more about it.
There is also plenty of scope for building up your portfolio of knowledge around CKD, and for GPs to work towards revalidation credits through a number of online modules.

NICE CKD guidelines – CG73 (2008)

The NICE CKD guidelines should be seen as the default framework for CKD care. The original guidelines were released in 2008 and all of the IMPAKT™ resources and care advice is developed to follow them.

NICE CKD guidelines – CG182 (2014)

An updated version of the clinical guidelines was released in July 2014. These guidelines replace the previous version, but practice computer systems, CCGs and clinical laboratories are still in transition to make some of the recommended changes available for practices to implement. In due course, the information reported by IMPAKT™ will be updated in line with the new guidelines to continue providing users with the up-to-date advice on evidence-based CKD diagnosis and care.

IMPAKT ™ Improvement Guide

The guide supplements the IMPAKT™ software by explaining how to make best use of your IMPAKT™ results. The methods described within the guide have been successfully applied by practices in Greater Manchester as part of a quality improvement based approach to improving CKD detection and care. Resources are provided throughout the guide based on changes made by primary care practices. The clinical advice provided within this resource is based on the 2008 NICE CKD guidelines.

IMPAKT™ Improvement Guide – new recommendations based on 2014 NICE CKD guidelines.

IMPAKT™ and its supporting resources will be updated in due course to reflect the NICE CKD guidelines published in summer 2014. To support this transition, we’ve produced a helpful appendix which provides a snapshot of the key changes in how CKD patients will be classified, coded, diagnosed and cared for when the new guidelines are fully implemented.

CLAHRC Kidney Information Booklet

This guide has been put together to help patients understand more about CKD and encourage them to self-care their early stage kidney disease. The booklet guides the user through the diagnosis process, risk factors, advice on what care patients should receive and ask about, and advice on how patients can look after themselves. leaflet1 ,
leaflet 2
Two helpful advice leaflets for patients have been produced by on CKD, and are free to access and download. The IMPAKT™ team has found these leaflets to be a popular resource amongst clinicians in local primary care practices.

Cumbria and Lancashire Kidney Care Network CKD algorithm

A detailed, but very clear and well-designed algorithm was created using a synthesis of national guidelines and local expert opinion. The algorithm provides a great ‘go-to’ resource to answer your queries on evidence-based decisions for the detection and good care of CKD patients.

Renal Patient View

Renal patient view aims to provide online information about renal patients' diagnosis, treatment, and their latest test results. Patients can share this information with anyone they want, and view it from anywhere in the world.

CKD Online

This website provides free to use advice for primary care clinicians on the diagnosis of, and care for, CKD patients. The site also contains a CKD learning module for you to test your understanding of the disease.


Here you can find an alternative set of CKD guidelines produced by the RCGP that you can purchase through the website. There is also an e-learning module available that you can use as appraisal evidence.


Pulse is another site offering e-modules around CKD. These are very well tailored for revalidation purposes and there is a range of CKD modules covering different aspects of CKD, so you can fill in knowledge gaps for various areas.

BMJ Learning

A further site offering an educational module to support learning around CKD.

NHS Kidney Care

NHS Kidney Care became part of NHS Improving Quality on 1st April 2013. Information on CKD and kidney care will still be available from this website but will be updated less frequently moving forward.

Renal Registry

The UK Renal Registry is a resource for the development of patient care in renal disease. It was
established by the Renal Association with support from the Department of Health, the British
Association of Paediatric Nephrologists, and the British Transplant Society.

Kidney Research UK

Kidney Research UK is the leading UK charity dedicated to funding research aimed at finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for kidney disease. You can access KRUK to find out more
information about current research work and resources available for patients.