Manage 2 Report

Your Manage 2 report looks at managing proteinuria and blood pressure in your CKD patients.

Why make an improvement?

Proteinuria testing: Significant proteinuria (including microalbuminuria in patients with diabetes) indicates a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular illness and CKD progression; more so than several other well recognised risk factors like cholesterol.

The care that patients should receive is affected by their proteinuria status. It is important to make sure all patients on the CKD register are tested regularly and have the results recorded.

Blood pressure management
: Controlling a patient’s blood pressure to within NICE recommended targets can have a significant impact on their health. Lower blood pressure is even more important for patients with proteinuria. NICE recommends two different targets for CKD patients, depending on their ACR results:

  • Without proteinuria = systolic blood pressure 120-139 and diastolic <90
  • With proteinuria = systolic blood pressure 120-129 and diastolic <80.

How can we make an improvement?

  1. The Manage 2 IMPAKT™ report will tell you how many patients have not had a test for proteinuria in the last 15 months. These patients can then be recalled for testing
  2. It is important to make sure all test results are coded to ensure that the patient receives the appropriate care
  3. The IMPAKT™ reports will tell you how many patients on your CKD register are currently meeting NICE recommended blood pressure targets. You can set your practice a target of how many more patients you would like to control to target and use the Manage 2 sheet in the IMPAKT Excel tool to identify which patients need to be better managed.

More information can be found on your Manage 2 IMPAKT™ report in the Improvement Guide which can be downloaded from the menu on the left of the page