Signing up allows you to easily upload your IMPAKT™ data into My IMPAKT™ to view your tailored improvement reports.

Please note that all patient data transferred to the IMPAKT™ website will be fully anonymised before it is uploaded. No patient identifiers will be found in your improvement reports.

Your My IMPAKT™ improvement reports will:
  • Summarise the key data collected by the IMPAKT™ tool in easy-to-view graphical reports
  • Highlight where you could improve care for your CKD patients
  • Allow you to set practice-based improvement targets, for example, in finding missing patients
  • Provide you will useful tips and advice on how to improve care for your CKD patients.
My IMPAKT™ will report on:
  1. Patients coded with CKD (Register 1 on IMPAKT™tool)
  2. Diagnosing ‘missing’ CKD patients (Register 2 on IMPAKT™ tool)
  3. Stratifying risk of progressive CKD (Manage 1 on IMPAKT™ tool)  
  4. Managing proteinuria and blood pressure in CKD patients (Manage 2 on IMPAKT™ tool)

Click here or on the button at the top right of the page to create a My IMPAKT™ account for your practice. You will only need your NHS Practice code to hand to create an account and then you can then upload your practice data and access your improvement reports.  If you already have an account, sign in to view your report history or upload new data.