Below are some common errors that may occur when trying to download and run the tool


When I click the start button it doesn't run.

Macros are not enabled in excel – follow instructions to allow these before saving the excel sheet and trying again

What if I don’t have an S drive?

Use the browse button to select another location on your computer, this might be your C drive for example. Remember to use the same location throughout the tool



The following error messaage appears - "There has been an error parsing CLACKDS1.HQL:  Expected DEFINE, FOR, ANALYSE, REPORT or SUBSET: line 0. You should report this error to the author of the HQL query."

This error appears by downloading the tool and then by loading the query set into systmone from S:\IMPAKT\Queries without creating a new query set first. So either you have not created the query set at all or you did create a query set but did not save it in the S:\IMPAKT\Queries folder but did then try to load the set into SystmOne from the S:\IMPAKT\Queries folder. Try starting again and following the instructions step by step.



MIQUEST queries set up to run overnight in EMIS Web or PCS overnight did not run and still appear in waiting to run queue

Try to set them overnight again and make sure the time does not clash with any system back ups or other processes going on overnight. If this still does not work you can ring EMIS and get them to run the queries for you.

MIQUEST queries are still running on EMIS web or LV when you log in to your system in the morning instead of running overnight.

This may be slowing your system down, if so go into configuration settings and end the queries or call EMIS to get them to stop them.

EMIS LV: I can’t access the shared drive when I browse for it

Look in my computer – my network – entire network – emis (practice code*******) – shared folder
You will then need to use the file path \shared\queries\